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Adding Identifiers in Bulk

Add Identifiers in Bulk

You can also enrich your behavioral identity graph with Terabytes of offline data, either yours or from third-party providers (Tapad, Experian, Verizon, etc.), by uploading CSV files into an S3 bucket.


The identifiers bulk graph update enables you to enrich existing identifiers by looking up an existing identifier and adding a new identifier to all the connected devices.

The identifier id property is unique per node and defined by the fields listed below:

  • FingerprintJS visitorId
  • Cookies if Available: (_gaexp, cart, ajs_user_id, ajs_anonymous_id)
  • Snowplow Cookies: domain_user, network_userid,
  • Snowplow user_id

The example below illustrates a user who submits a form, creating a data entry that associates their cookie with personal data. Note this enrichment can happen in real-time OR/AND bulk. The goal is to tie as many identifiers are possible to aggregate customer behavior across devices.

File Upload Requirements

SnowcatCloud customers are provided with a dedicated encrypted S3 bucket to upload data files. Data is processed in real-time or in batch mode.

  • No headers
  • CSV file(s), gzipped
  • All columns are mandatory
Lookup Identifier IdSourceNameNew Identifier Id