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Neo4j Snowplow Integration

Neo4j is the world's leading open-source graph database. Graph databases are widely used in enterprise fraud detection, real-time recommendations, social networking, marketing attribution, identity resolution, etc. Neo4j is democratizing access to graph databases with AuraDB, an affordable cloud-hosted Neo4j.

At SnowcatCloud, we believe in the rise of graph databases, as they provide insights into the relationships between entities in a way that relational databases can't do.

We created a Snowplow Neo4j integration that streams Snowplow behavioral event data into your instance of Neo4j, allowing our customers to create and maintain a graph database with their behavioral event data in minutes.

How does it work?

Events tracked in your Snowplow data stream are transformed and replicated into your Neo4j in real-time, which you can query using Bloom or CYPHER.

Supported event types

EventEvent NameVendor