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Streamlined Event Data Pipeline for Neo4j

Iceberg is a real-time, event-level data collection, validation, and ingestion pipeline for Neo4j. Easily build graphs with high-quality event data.

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Real-time Event Data Pipeline for Neo4j

With over 20 SDKs, Iceberg enables the real-time collection of high-quality event data from your applications into your Neo4j graph.

How Iceberg Works!

Collect, Validate & Load

Use 20+ Snowplow SDKs to collect events from any platform. Iceberg ensures the validation and loading of event data into your Neo4j.

Extensible Graph Model

Accelerate use with an out-of-the-box foundational graph model that is easy to extend and caters to multiple use cases.

Plug-and-play Integrations

Integrate with third-party applications, enrich your knowledge graph, and drive Neo4j adoption and use cases.

Integrate seamlessly with the tech stack you’re already using

Create, maintain, or extend your knowledge graph with real-time event-driven integrations.

  • Integrations with Shopify, Stripe, Hubspot and more.

  • Easy to integrate new vendors through an event-driven API.

  • Real-time Knowledge Graph

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Supercharge Your Knowledge Graph

Neo4j Data Integration

Supercharge your knowledge graph with event data.

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Prebuilt Flexible & Extensible Graph Model

Prebuilt graph model compatible with online and offline behavioral data and easily extensible.

Plug-and-Play Data Ingestion

With an event driven API, Iceberg enables you to ingest data into Neo4j quickly and efficiently.

Integrated With Modern Data Stack

Bi-directional integration with your data in Snowflake, BigQuery, Redshift, and Azure.

Resources, Community & Developers

Free online training and an active community of Neo4j users and developers.

Extend Your Knowledge Graph

Iceberg provides you with an out-of-the-box, rich, and extensible Customer Graph powered by Neo4j graph database.

Iceberg can ingest multiple events sources out-of-the-box, helping you build a richer knowledge graphs, easier and faster.

Business Use Cases

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