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How My Muscle Chef Uses Behavioral Data to Drive Business Growth with Snowcat Cloud

Ashleigh Gardiner was weary of “black box” analytics tools. As the Head of Data and Measurement at My Muscle Chef, she needed deeper insight into customer behavior in order to drive conversions, engagement, and retention.

My Muscle Chef

My Muscle Chef is the #1 food delivery service in Australia. Its mission is to fuel active Australians by delivering 2 million meals every month.

Key Results


Increase in repeat customers


Increase in AOV from targeted upsell

We wanted total transparency and visibility over the data that we collected. We need raw, unopinionated data. SnowcatCloud provided us with just that.

Ashleigh E. Gardiner
Head of Data & Measurement, My Muscle Chef


  • Gaining real-time insight into customer behavior
  • Using behavioral analytics to inform growth initiatives
  • Gleaning performance insight for a new product and new mobile app


  • Provide a single source of truth for behavioral data
  • Surface meaningful insights on the customer journey
  • Track and measure performance of new products and offerings
  • Optimize digital properties to increase conversions


  • Long-term growth strategies backed by reliable data
  • Leveraged data to increase repeat customers by 49%
  • Targeted upsell on site increased AOV by 11%