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Persistent Identification With
Browser Fingerprinting.

Stay ahead in a cookie-less future with first-party browser fingerprint technology, ensuring persistent user tracking across your digital properties.

AICPA SOC2 Type II Certified

First-Party Browser Fingerprinting

Future-proof your digital strategy with Snowcat's advanced real-time first-party browser fingerprinting service.

Privacy Compliance

Efficiently handle user data requests by precisely identifying customer devices.

Easy to Implement

Compatible with Segment, Rudderstack, Snowplow, OpenSnowcat, and others.

Fraud Detection

Utilize our browser fingerprint technology for real-time fraud detection and prevention.

Marketing Attribution

Improving attribution accuracy via persistent user identification."

Browser Fingerprinting

Integrate With Your Infrastructure

Snowcat browser fingerprinting service offers seamless integration with your infrastructure and applications, enhancing real-time browser identification.

Browser Fingerprint Architecture

Browser Fingerprinting

Browser Fingerprinting, Persistent Identification

Snowcat browser fingerprinting service enables persistent browser identification and integration with your infrascture and applications.

AICPA SOC2 Type II Certified

Supercharge your event tracking-wide

Add browser fingerprint identifiers to Your event tracking: Segment, Rudderstack, Mixpanel, Snowplow, and more.

First-Party Browser Fingerprinting

Operating on your domain, our fingerprint server ensures protection against blocking and circumvention.

Enrich your behavioral data with persistent ids

Run Snowplow in your cloud computing account (managed service) or in our infrastructure (cloud).

Integrate With Your Infrastructure/Application

Use webhooks or our API to easily integrate with your infrastructure/application.

Supercharge Your Customer Analytics With Browser Fingerprinting

Using browser fingerprinting in your customer analytics shifts the focus from device-centric to a more customer-centric perspective, enhancing your ability to optimize customer segments, marketing, prevent fraud, and privacy compliance.

Snowcat's fingerprinting service improves your capacity to associate devices with customers and plays well with your warehouse or customer knowledge graph.

Use Cases

Exceptional customer support

Exceptional Customer Support

We’re here to support you

At Snowcat, we proudly provide our customers with exceptional customer support by taking the time to understand each customer’s unique needs. Our highly experienced and knowledgeable team is available on the medium of your preference when you most need it.