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With SnowcatCloud, you can run Snowplow with the reliability, security,
and support necessary to collect behavioral data at scale.
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SnowcatCloud is trusted by companies worldwide and cross-industry to safely and reliably collect and process behavioral customer data at scale.

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OpenSnowcat Pipeline

A Snowplow compatible event pipeline powered by OpenSnowcat.


Cost effective cloud-hosted Snowplow compatible pipeline.

  • Real-time data delivery

  • Up to 150MM events/month (20MM included)

  • GDPR Compliant

  • Uptime & data delivery SLA

  • Exceptional Support

  • Premium enrichments

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$750 /month


  • 20MM events / month*
  • Custom collector
  • 2 Destinations
  • Branded first-party collect

*Additional events 36 USD/million

Managed Service

A Snowplow pipeline running in your cloud account.

  • Managed Service

  • Flat rate pricing

  • Exceptional Support

  • Custom enrichments

Effortless Deployment

Use SnowcatCloud's private docker images and deploy your OpenSnowcat pipeline with an SLA for Security patches and support.

  • Access to private Docker registry

  • Security Patches SLA

  • Exceptional Support

Real-time Identity Resolution ADD-ON

Custom Snowplow Enrichment for real-time deterministic and probablistic identity resolution

  • Real-time enrichment

  • Bring your own Neo4j

Server-Side Event Routing ADD-ON

Real-time server-side event routing powered by AWS Lambdas.

  • Route events in your Infrastructure

  • Use your own AWS Account

Customer Graph

A foundational customer knowledge graph, powered by Neo4j graph database and OpenSnowcat event pipeline.

Neo4j Snowplow/OpenSnowcat Integration

Real-time, event ingestion pipeline for Neo4j.

  • Real-time data delivery

  • Ready to use foundational customer graph model

  • GDPR Compliant

  • Uptime & data delivery SLA

  • Exceptional Support