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Identity Resolution Solution

Identity Resolution for the Modern Data Stack

Graph-native identity resolution with bi-directional integration with the modern data stack, powered by the world’s leading graph database.

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Integrated with Modern Data Stack

Graph-native identity graph, easy to integrate with your applications and powered by the world’s leading graph database.

API for Personalization

Flexible and extensible API to power your applications identity resolution needs.

Integrated with Your Data Warehouse

Use your data warehouse to enrich your identity graph or vice-versa.

Accurate Identity Resolution

Deterministic and probabilistic identity resolution algorithms you can customize.

Real-time Graph & Infrastructure

Updates in real-time help you build a single source of truth for customer-first applications.

Iceberg identity graph helps you perform identity resolution without complex SQL, and enrich your customer graph for use with real-time personalization API.

Iceberg Identity Graph integrated with modern data stack

Trusted by

SnowcatCloud is trusted by companies worldwide and cross-industry to safely and reliably collect and process behavioral customer data at scale.

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Drive growth with identity resolution

Create and maintain a single view of the customer by aggregating behavior across channels and devices. Own your customer graph and the rules used to perform identity resolution.

Better customer insights

Understand your customers better by aggregating their behavior across devices and channels through identity resolution.

Improve customer experience

With identity resolution, you can personalize your services and offerings to meet your customer's needs.

Optimize marketing spend

By combining all devices across your customer base, you optimize your marketing spend based on your customers, not their devices.

Increased privacy compliance

Increase and facilitate privacy compliance by being able to map a customer across devices.

Integrate seamlessly with the tech stack you’re already using

Create and maintain your customer graph with seamless real-time event-driven integrations with your applications and data warehouse.

  • Integrations with Shopify, Stripe, Hubspot and more.

  • Easy to integrate new vendors through an event-driven API

  • Real-time Customer Knowledge Graph

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