SnowcatCloud, Inc. | Cloud-hosted Snowplow, affording companies true ownership of event-level data.

For organizations who want
to own their event data

SnowcatCloud is a cloud-hosted Snowplow, affording companies with true ownership of their event-level data.

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About Snowplow

What is Snowplow?

Snowplow is an open-source enterprise event-level analytics platform that enables the collection of event-level data from any platform.

What is Snowplow?

Snowplow Analytics is an open-source enterprise event-level data collection platform that provides you with raw event-level data ownership.

What is Snowplow and how it works

Who is Snowplow for?

Snowplow is ideal for organizations looking to empower their data teams with high-quality, granular, real-time event-level data to support the business making data-informed decisions.

Common use-cases include:

  • Marketing Attribution

  • Mobile App Analytics

  • Product Analytics/Software Telemetry

  • Website Analytics

  • Application Analytics

  • Operational Intelligence

How it Works

How Snowcat Cloud works

SnowcatCloud runs a fully-featured Snowplow pipeline with your collector and delivers the events to your data warehouse.

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Snowcat Cloud
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How SnowcatCloud Works!


Collect and own your event-level data

Start collecting event-data from your preferred sources, we deliver it to your data warehouse, in real-time and/or batch mode.

SnowcatCloud Data Integrations


Hosted Snowplow

Run a fully-featured Snowplow data pipeline at scale in the cloud.
Install a tracker and bring your data warehouse.

  • Cost-effective

    With all costs-included you have a maintenance free fully featured Snowplow.

  • Fully Featured Snowplow Pipeline

    Support for custom schemas, enrichments and productions and development environments.

  • Data When You Need It

    Data updates when you need it, from every 30 minutes to real-time, to inform decision-making or other products.

  • Dedicated Support

    Need a hand with your Snowplow? We are here to support you.

  • Your Domain Collector

    Avoid ITP and run the Snowplow collector under your domain:

  • Directly to Your Data Warehouse

    Redshift, BigQuery, Microsoft Azure SQL Data Warehouse, Snowflake, PostgreSQL, and Amazon S3.

SnowcatCloud + Indicative

Ready for Insights with Indicative

SnowcatCloud integrates with Indicative, providing you with a reporting interface for your Snowplow data, and full data ownership from day one.

What is Indicative?

Indicative is a customer analytics platform for product managers, marketers, and data analysts.

  • Multipath Customer Journey

  • Segmentation

  • Cohort Analysis

  • People Insights

  • Dashboards & Reporting


Cost-efficient Hosted Snowplow

With Snowcat Cloud, you run Snowplow cost-effectively and at scale.
Bring your data-warehouse; everything else is included.

$750 /mo

Snowplow Data Pipeline for startups

  • 4 hour data refresh

  • Up to 10 million hits/month

  • GDPR Compliant

  • Uptime & data delivery SLA

  • Phone support

$1500 /mo

Real-time Snowplow Data Pipeline

  • Real-time data refresh

  • Up to 30 million hits/month

  • GDPR Compliant

  • Uptime & data delivery SLA

  • Phone support


Custom Snowplow Data Pipeline

  • Real-time data refresh

  • 30+ million hits/month

  • GDPR Compliant

  • Uptime & data delivery SLA

  • Phone support

Up to 20k hits/month with email support. Let's chat! .