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Snowplow Event Routing

Cost-Efficient Event Routing That Scales

Route Snowplow JSON enriched events with AWS EventBridge, a serverless event router to power your event-driven applications at scale, cost-effectively, and with zero management.

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Cost-Efficient Event Routing That Scales

Use the power, scale and cost effectiveness of AWS EventBridge to route Snowplow Events and expand your event-driven architecture.

Unbeatable & Predictable Cost

At 1 USD per million events it will be difficult to outgrow EventBridge.

No Yearly Renewal Price Gouging

Avoid event routing vendor lock-in and yearly renewal price gouging.

Filter & Route Events Anywhere

Filter and route your Snowplow events to HTTP, Lambda or other AWS Services.

Persistent Event Routing

Auto retries and dead-letter queues make sure your events are safe when delivery fails.

Why Use AWS EventBridge?

  • Unbeatable low cost at 1 USD/million events

  • No vendor lock-in, it runs on your AWS infrastructure

  • Scalable, simple and with no maintenance

  • Fully featured event replay

  • Integrate events with optional transform, filter and enrich steps.

  • Schedule and trigger events and tasks on a schedule

Ingest Snowplow Enriched JSON into your AWS EventBridge and Route, Filter and Replay Events to your event-driven applications.

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SnowcatCloud is trusted by companies worldwide and cross-industry to safely and reliably collect and process behavioral customer data at scale.

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Snowplow & AWS EventBridge

Use AWS EventBridge and AWS infrastructure to setup a real-time, reliable, and cost-effective event routing solution for your event data. Filter, route, and enrich based on any Snowplow Enriched JSON parameters.

AWS EventBridge AWS EventBridge

Target Name:
AWS Lambda
Matched event
Retry attempts:
Max age:
Dead-letter queue:
AWS SQS queue
Event Pattern:
Snowplow Event Routing

AWS EventBridge Snowplow Enriched JSON (Source)

Example Snowplow Enriched JSON payload (detail).

AWS EventBridge AWS Lambda (Destination)

Example AWS Lambda to forward Snowplow Enriched JSON to an HTTP endpoint.