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The Identity Graph For the Modern Data Stack

Iceberg is an identity graph platform for integration with the Modern Data Stack.

About Iceberg

What is Iceberg?

Iceberg is an Identity Graph platform that enables organizations to create an understanding of their behavioral data at the individual level.

Business Use Cases

  • Marketing Attribution

  • Account Based Marketing

  • Fraud Detection

  • Customer Centric Behavioral Analysis

  • Identity Resolution

  • Lead Scoring

Identity Graph in the Modern Data Stack

How Iceberg Works!

Why build an identity graph?

In a multi-device world, collecting behavioral event data at the device level is only half the equation. To truly understand the customer, you need to aggregate events and tie them to the individual.

  • Link devices behavioral data to a user/account

  • Integrate identities with your data warehouse CDP

  • Manage consent at the user level vs. device level

  • Probablistic Identity Resolution

  • Build and own an extensible customer graph

Plug & Play

Build your identity graph faster and easier with plug-and-play integrations for Snowplow, FingerprintJS, and Shopify.

Identity Graph with Snowplow Fingerprint JS integration with Snowplow Shopify Integration with Snowplow

Iceberg Identity Graph

Extensible Identity Graph

Iceberg provides you with an out-of-the-box rich and extensible identity graph, ideal for creating a 360-degree view of the customer, marketing attribution, fraud detection, recommendation engine from your behavioral event data or offline events.

Iceberg can ingest multiple events sources ( see integrations), helping you build a richer identity graph, easier and faster.

Iceberg Graph Model

How it Works

How Iceberg works

Iceberg ingests behavioral event-level data in real-time and continuously updates your identity graph.

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Identity Graph
How Iceberg Works!


Iceberg Identity Graph


Managed Identity Graph for startups

  • Real-time

  • Up to 10 million hits/month

  • Uptime & data delivery SLA

  • Phone & Email support



Managed Identity Graph for SME

  • Real-time

  • Up to 30 million hits/month

  • Uptime & data delivery SLA

  • Phone & Email support



Managed Identity Graph for Enterprise

  • Real-time

  • 30+ million hits/month

  • Uptime & data delivery SLA

  • Phone & Email support

  • BYO Graph Database