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Snowplow Integration with Google Analytics

Use Google Analytics user interface with your Snowplow data, in minutes

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Google Analytics

Google Analytics

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What are the benefits of the Snowplow integration with Google Analytics?

Snowplow Google Analytics user interface

With the Snowplow Google Analytics integration, you can empower your product/marketing team to self-serve using the easy and familiar Google Analytics user interface to build funnels, explore audiences, marketing attribution, and user behavior.

  • Setup in minutes

  • Easy and Familiar user interface

  • Snowplow data in Google Analytics user interface

  • Retain all the power and flexibility of Snowplow

SnowcatCloud: Hosted Snowplow as a Service

SnowcatCloud is a fully managed data pipeline, powered by the leading open-source data catalog, Snowplow.

With over twenty Snowplow SDKs, you can collect event-level data from virtually any digital platform.

We deliver real-time event-level data where you need it, from data warehouses to streaming infrastructure.