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Snowplow Integration with Google Analytics

Use Google Analytics user interface with your Snowplow data, in minutes

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Google Analytics

Google Analytics

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Why Integrate Google Analytics With Snowplow?

Google Analytics user interface with Snowplow data

With the Snowplow Google Analytics integration, you can empower your product/marketing team to self-serve using the easy and familiar Google Analytics user interface to build funnels, explore audiences, marketing attribution, and user behavior.

  • Setup in minutes

  • Supports Pageviews, E-commerce and Structured events

  • 20 Custom Dimenions like ISP, ZIP and others

  • Easy and Familiar user interface

  • Snowplow data in Google Analytics user interface

  • Retain all the power and flexibility of Snowplow

Jason Yau, President at CanvasPeople

Integrating Snowplow with Google Analytics has made it easy for us to combine the best aspects of Snowplow – granular data and events fired when we want – and Google Analytics – familiar UI and live data. It’s a win-win, and was dead easy to set up.

Enriched Google Analytics With 20 Custom Dimensions

SnowcatCloud integration with Google Analytics includes additional data provided in custom dimensions.

Custom Dimension Name Example Data
cd1 ISP Autonomous System Organization, Inc.
cd2 Connection Type Corporate
cd3 ISP, Inc.
cd4 ISP Organization Amazon Technologies Inc.
cd5 City GeoName ID 5342353
cd6 City Name Del Mar
cd7 Country Name United States
cd8 Latitude 32.9595
cd9 Longitude -117.265
cd10 Timezone America/Los_Angeles
cd11 Weather Code USCA0982
cd12 Postal Code 92014
cd13 Device Brand Apple
cd14 Device Name Apple Macintosh
cd15 Device Class Desktop
cd16 Device CPU Intel
cd17 Operative System Name Mac OS X
cd18 Operative System Version 10.15.7
cd19 Browser Agent Name Chrome
cd20 Browser Agent Version 93.0.4577.82