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Get Started

Welcome to SnowcatCloud! Your pipeline is now ready to run; congratulations!

Let's start by getting familiar with the data that will soon be getting to your data warehouse.

Getting Familiar with the data

Before you start tracking events, please spend some time getting familiar with what the data will look like. Please visit Snowplow Canonical Event Model to get familiarized with the data in the events table.


Notice the events table will have some empty fields depending on the SDK you are using. Most of the information will be available through additional tables or columns, depending on your data warehouse.

In SnowcatCloud, beyond the default Snowplow events table, you will also see other tables (or columns depending on your data warehouse) that provide additional information about the events.

The information in these tables is produced by SnowcatCloud enrichments.



YAUAA is a user agent parser that extracts the most information from any given user-agent string. Please visit this website for a demo.

How to query


DB-IP ISP and Location

SnowcatCloud uses, a premium geolocation database, to enrich every event with detailed information about location and ISP.

Context: contexts_com_dbip_isp_1_0_0 and contexts_com_dbip_location_1_0_0

  • Internet Service Provider
  • Country
  • City
  • ZIP
  • Latitude and Longitude
  • ...

How to query

   CONTEXTS_COM_DBIP_LOCATION_1[0].city.names.en::varchar AS city

Campaign Attribution

Campaign attribution automatically extracts UTM parameters from the URL. It also records gclid, msclkid, and dclid.

mkt_campaignutm_campaign, the advertising campaign
mkt_mediumutm_medium, the marketing medium
mkt_sourceIdentifies the advertiser, site, publication, etc. that is sending traffic to your property
mkt_termutm_term, identifies keywords (terms)
mkt_contentutm_content, Used to differentiate similar content (ad groups)
mkt_clickidThe individual click ID
mkt_networkThe advertising network name

Please read more about the campaign attribution enrichment in the Snowplow documentation website: Campaign attribution enrichment.

We extract the following cookies. You can find them in the context: contexts_org_ietf_http_cookie_1_0_0

  • _gaexp
  • cart
  • ajs_user_id
  • ajs_anonymous_id"

How to query

    CONTEXTS_ORG_IETF_HTTP_COOKIE_1[0].name::varchar AS name
    ,CONTEXTS_ORG_IETF_HTTP_COOKIE_1[0].value::varchar AS value
    WHERE CONTEXTS_ORG_IETF_HTTP_COOKIE_1[0].name = '_gaexp'

HTTP header extractor

We extract the following headers. You can find them in the context: contexts_org_ietf_http_header_1_0_0

  • Host
  • Origin
  • Referer
  • User-Agent
  • X-Forwarded-For
  • X-Shopify-Topic

How to query

    CONTEXTS_ORG_IETF_HTTP_HEADER_1[0].name::varchar AS name
    ,CONTEXTS_ORG_IETF_HTTP_HEADER_1[0].value::varchar AS value
    WHERE CONTEXTS_ORG_IETF_HTTP_HEADER_1[0].name = 'X-Forwarded-For'

Referrer Parser

This enrichment uses Snowplow referer-parser library to extract attribution data from referer URLs.

refr_mediumType of referer. Examples : Search, Internal, Unknown, Social, Email
refr_sourceName of referer if recognised. Examples: Google, Facebook
refr_termKeywords if source is a search engine

Please read more about the referrer parser on Snowplow documentation website. Referer parser enrichment